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BETER’s Setka Cup are partnering with the Moldova Table Tennis Federation to promote integrity in the sport

August 31, 2022

The Setka Cup is a popular international sports tournament powered by BETER – a leading provider of next-gen betting and gaming solutions. The tournament will be collaborating with the Moldova Table Tennis Federation to promote integrity within the sport. This partnership will see both parties engaging in a number of different initiatives and developing strategies to get more people interested in the sport by making it more fair and inclusive. 

Commenting on the partnership, BETER’s Chief Integrity Officer Andrii Nekrutov said that “It is crucial for us to continue to promote and implement our Integrity policy and to observe and adhere to the principles of Fair Play. We work hard to promote our tournaments, so it’s very important to us that we ensure we are producing high-quality content that is in line with these principles.”

The areas of activity covered by this partnership will include collecting, analyzing, and exchanging information about any unusual or suspicious matches detected by either organization during sporting competitions. Both parties will also be looking out for any violations of the tournament’s rules, in order to ensure that every event is run in accordance with Moldovan law and international standards.

Honored President of the Moldova Table Tennis Federation, Vladimir Semipeadnii, stated, “We are delighted to be partnering up with the Setka Cup. This is a very exciting table tennis tournament featuring highly skilled players and intense action, which is why we have chosen it as our partner as we work to promote Integrity in the sport. We look forward to working with them and we are certain that this collaboration will produce great results for both parties.”

Both parties will also be working together to combat manipulation at sporting events, at both the national and international levels. Besides this, they will be implementing joint measures to ensure the legality of competitions, and taking appropriate action upon discovery of any violations of the law, either planned or enacted.

This collaboration represents a continuation of the tournament’s expansion to other locations across the continent in recent years. The Setka Cup has been expanding into the European Union through opening new locations, collaborations with local table tennis professionals and associations, with the aim of promoting and developing the sport and drawing in even bigger audiences to events.

Author: Felix Walker